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This project is an open source project and is always looking for contributors. Please see below on how to help.

Note: By contributing to this project, you are acknowledging that your contribution is yours and that you have the right to contribute it (e.g., your employer's permission, the original author's permission, etc.). You are also agreeing to your contribution becoming licensed under the project licensing structure.

Reporting a bug

If you think that you have found a bug in the simulator, please report it by following the below:

  1. Important: Please see whether the bug has been reported before by someone else:
  2. If the bug is not yet reported, to your knowledge, please report it via the Sourceforge bug tracker. Alternatively, email the ns-users or ns-developers mailing list (but please be aware that there is higher probability that it will not get logged if you do not log it yourself).

You can find a complete tutorial on how to find a bug here.

When you report a bug, please add the following information (when using the Sourceforge tracker, this can go into the "Detailed Description" section, or as an uploaded or attached file):

Package (e.g., ns-2, nam-1, etc.):

Version (e.g., ns-2.29):

Operating System:

Environment Variables (e.g., LD_LIBRARY_PATH, TCL_LIBRARY, TK_LIBRARY, etc.):

Keywords (e.g., Installation, TCP, etc.):

Description of Problem:

How Easily Reproducible:
(e.g. every time, intermittent, once only, etc.)

Steps to Reproduce:
(describe the minimal set of steps necessary to trigger the bug)

Actual Results:
(describe what the application did after performing the above steps)

Expected Results:
(describe what the application should have done, were the bug not present)

Additional Information:
(the following infomation is helpful to debug:
1. simulation script, detailed output files, packet trace
2. patch file if you modify some source code
3. a backtrace from gdb if you get a segment fault
If they are big files, PLEASE put them in your web space and
include the URL here.)

Fixing a bug

This is always preferred to reporting a bug :)

Look here if you are loooking for bugs to fix

If you are not a developer, please email someone on the development team with a fix, or email the ns-developers list. Preferably, the fix should contain the following information:

  1. Some way to identify the bug in question (e.g. if it is in the tracker, what is the ID?)
  2. A patch against the current snapshot of code
  3. Some description of why you think that this fixes the bug.

Contributed code

If you are maintaining additional ns-2 or nam code at a separate site, the easiest way is to edit the Contributed Code page yourself.

If you want to propose adding a new protocol or other code to the project, please email the ns-developers mailing list.

Contributing scripts

Please email one of the developers or the ns-developers mailing list if you have a script that you'd like to see as an example or validation script.

Working on a task

We are logging tasks that are seeking volunteers. Please see the following links for

Becoming a developer

See Developer FAQ


The ns and nam documentation are out-of-date. We know this, and are looking for people to help us to update it. We are migrating the documentation from the old Latex-based documentation to this wiki. Please help out by correcting inaccuracies in the documentation (log into this wiki and fix it directly) or by contributing or extending the wiki pages.

Some information on examples to port to the wiki can be found in this post: