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This page is a brief summary of current development activities for ns-2. If you want to participate in any stages of the below development activities, please email the contacts listed below, or the ns-developers list.

Additional information is found at the Developer Information page.

Note: ns-2 is being only lightly maintained at present due to the development work on ns-3. ns-3 is actively maintained and has been making releases since mid-2008. However, if you would like to help maintain some ns-2 code in the future (and accelerate the pace of ns-2 and related package development), please contact Tom Henderson.

Release schedule

ns-2.36 is scheduled for January 2015; exact date is to be determined.

ns-2.36 will be released in two forms:

  • source tarball ns-src-2.36.tar.gz
  • allinone package (containing all components): ns-allinone-2.36.tar.gz

Some of the other core ns-2-related packages (OTcl, TclCl, nam) have not changed since the ns-allinone-2.35 version.

The main differences between ns-2.35 and ns-2.36 are the following:

  • small fixes to the allinone 'install' script to build on current systems
  • a variety of changes to ns-2 source code and build scripts to compile on newer gcc and also clang-based systems
  • new AQM and cable system models, including CoDel, SFQCoDel, CoDel-DT, PIE, and DocsisLink
  • a Bonnmotion mobility example

Release candidates for testing

Please test the following release candidates and provide feedback (or patches) to, or to the release manager (Tom Henderson).

Release candidate location

How to install the release candidate

The simplest test is to download the ns-allinone-2.36.rcN.tar.gz tarball and run the install script. This will not install anything to your system; everything will be self-contained in the directory to which it is unpacked.

Make sure you have the prerequisites on your system, then try the following (replacing 'N' with the number corresponding to your release candidate):

$ tar xvfz ns-allinone-2.36.rcN.tar.gz
$ cd ns-allinone-2.36.rcN
# ./install
# cd ns-2.36.rcN
# ./validate

If you already have installations of 'OTcl' and 'TclCl', and are experienced with ns-2, you can try testing just the ns-2.36 tarball.

Known issues

The following issues have been reported in release candidates and will be addressed in the next release candidate.

  • docsislink and tcpLinux validation tests may fail to match known good results on some platforms
  • the issue 25 patch in the tracker will be applied:
  • debug builds don't presently compile on clang-based systems (FreeBSD, OS X)

Platforms supported

The following platforms are being tested for ns-2.36:

  • recent Linux distributions, 32- and 64-bits, gcc-4.6 through 4.9 series
  • OS X Yosemite with Xcode 6.1.1 and Xquartz 2.7.2
  • FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE

otcl, tclcl, ns-2, and nam-1 will be aligned with Tcl/Tk 8.5-series. Tcl/TK 8.5.17 will be distributed with the allinone package.

Model upgrades or additions

Open issues

  • whether to try to silence a large number of clang compiler warning (there are over 2000 at last count)

Bug tracker