Wireless Network Emulation Tutorials

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These howtos are a step-by-step guide to set up a wireless network emulation in ns-2 using the Ns-2 Emulation Extensions contributed source patch.

Single Host Howto

In this variant the simulator and the applications run on a single computer. Ns-2 creates a virtual emulated network among several User-mode Linux(UML) virtual machines. The applications, running inside the UMLs, are not aware of the emulation and can be run in a real network with no change.

Distributed Clients Howto

In this case the simulator and the applications run on different interconnected computers for better scalability. The emulation setup maps TUN/TAP interfaces to simulated nodes in ns-2. The network among the virtual interfaces is again emulated, and the applications are not aware of it. This comes at the cost of using a fixed IP addressing scheme.