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In addition to the information here, other documentation is listed on the main ns-2 web page.

The ns Manual

The ns Manual (formerly known as ns Notes and Documentation) is the main source of documentation. It is available in four formats:

Th html/gzip/pdf manual should be automatically updated daily (please send mail to ns-users if this automatic version is incorrect). In addition (because this automated process breaks sometimes, we have a manually updated copy as well in html, ps.gz, pdf).

Because ns is an evolving system, its documentation will never be completely up-to-date, but we do try to update it from time to time when new facilities are added to the simulator. Please check it out if you are in need of a reference.

Wiki version of the ns Manual

Several pages of the ns Manual have been copied below, to harness the power of the wiki community. (This is an unauthorised experiment. This manual may diverge from the official manual in adverse ways.)

  1. Manual: Introduction
  2. Manual: Undocumented Facilities

    Section I "Interface to the interpreter"
  3. Manual: OTcl Linkage

    Section II "Simulator basics"
  4. Manual: The Class Simulator
  5. Manual: Nodes and Packet Forwarding
  6. Manual: Links: Simple Links
  7. Manual: Queue Management and Packet Scheduling
  8. Manual: Delays and Links
  9. Manual: Differentiated Services Module in ns
  10. Manual: Agents
  11. Manual: Timers
  12. Manual: Packet Headers and Formats
  13. Manual: Error Model
  14. Manual: Local Area Networks
  15. Manual: The (Revised) Addressing Structure in ns
  16. Manual: Mobile Networking in ns
  17. Manual: Satellite Networking in ns
  18. Manual: Radio Propagation Models
  19. Manual: Energy Model in ns
  20. Manual: Directed Diffusion
  21. Manual: XCP: eXplicit Congestion control Protocol
  22. Manual: DelayBox: Per-Flow Delay and Loss
  23. Manual: Changes made to the IEEE 802.15.4 Implementation in NS-2.31

    Section III "Support"
  24. Manual: Debugging ns
  25. Manual: Mathematical Support
  26. Manual: Trace and Monitoring Support
  27. Manual: Test Suite Support
  28. Manual: Dynamic Libraries
  29. Manual: ns Code Styles

    Section IV "Routing"
  30. Manual: Unicast Routing
  31. Manual: Multicast Routing
  32. Manual: Network Dynamics
  33. Manual: Hierarchical Routing

    Section V "Transport"
  34. Manual: UDP Agents
  35. Manual: TCP Agents
  36. Manual: SCTP Agents
  37. Manual: Agent/SRM
  38. Manual: PLM

    Section VI "Application"
  39. Manual: Applications and transport agent API
  40. Manual: Web cache as an application
  41. Manual: Worm Model
  42. Manual: PackMime-HTTP: Web Traffic Generation
  43. Manual: Tmix: Internet Traffic Generation

    Section VII "Scale"
  44. Manual: Session-level Packet Distribution
  45. Manual: Asim: approximate analytic simulation

    Section VIII "Emulation"
  46. Manual: Emulation

    Section IX "Visualization with Nam - The Network Animator"
  47. Manual: Nam
  48. Manual: Nam Trace

    Section X "Other"
  49. Manual: Educational use of NS and NAM